Friday, January 27, 2012

The Pierce Arrow Mito

The auto manufacturer, Pierce-Arrow was established 
in Buffalo, New York and in production from 1901- 1938. 
The company manufactured fire trucks, commercial trucks, 
camp trailers, bicycles and motorcycles, 
but its enduring legacy was 
expensive luxury cars.   
Nationally known notables owning Pierce-Arrows were:
 Babe Ruth, John D. Rockefeller
President Roosevelt, Mrs. Andrew Carnegie, John Ringling, Emperor Hirohito of Japan, 
Orville Wright and Ginger Rogers. 
George N. Pierce bought the Heinz, 
Pierce and Munschaurer Company, 
best known for household goods and gilded bird cages in 1872 
and began the Pierce line of automobiles in 1901. 
The first Pierce had a single- cylinder two-speed engine 
with no reverse. A twocylinder model was built in 1904 
and named the Arrow
The luxurious, upscale version 
was created in 1903 and in 1908 
the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company was born.   
Pierce Arrow was the first official car of the White House 
in 1903 ordered by U.S. President William Howard Taft. 
Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding 
rode in an open-bodied Pierce Arrow to attend Harding’s 1921 inauguration and a 1919 Pierce Arrow is on view today 
at the Wilson presidential library. 
The car sold for $10,000 during the lean American years
 of the depression and those who retained their wealth 
were reluctant to spend that much on a car. 
With no lower priced model in production to provide cash flow, 
the company declared insolvency in 1938